Group Profile

In order to implement the strictest arable land preservation policy as well as the high intensiveuse of land, Shaanxi Provincial Land Engineering Construction Group Co., LTD was founded by Shaanxi Provincial Government on July 6th.  2013. The Group is a state-owned enterprise dedicated to solving the cropland-replenish balance issue of providing sufficient arable land, andsupporting the fast sustainable economic and social development of the province.The Group’s main businessincludes land consolidation, land consolidationfor crop-land replacement, landacquisition,real estate development, land surveying and planning,land engineering research and other land related services.


The Group has 8 management departments,7 subsidiaries, 5 branch companies and 3 share-holding companies. Meanwhile, it is technically supported by 5 platforms, including thePostdoctoral Research Stationacknowledged by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the KeyLaboratory fordegraded and non-utilized land reclamationnamed by the Ministry ofLand and Resources, the high-level land resources innovative intelligent team, the provincial land consolidation engineering technology research center and Shaanxi academicians and experts workstation. With the above platforms, theGroup is now a well-knownresearch organization in the field of land engineering in China.


The Groupsigned an agreement with Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)in 2015, and it’s now officially a member of the school's Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) of MIT. A Global Innovation Center of MIT will be established later this year. The first conference of MIT Global Innovation Xi’an Forum themed the Rising ofthe subject of Big Data and Land Engineering will be hosted by the Group in Shaanxi. It will vigorously promote the systematic, scientificandprofessional development of land engineering in China.


In September 2015, the Group, cooperated with Chang’an University, established the first school of Land Engineering in China. It will help to develop the subject of land engineering and to train relevant professionals for the whole country. By now, the Group has more than 600 educated employees with different background,80%ofwhom hold Master degree or higher, including 50 PhD graduates.


For years, nearly 360,000 Mu[1Mu=606.667m2]agricultural land was reclaimed by the Groupthrough land consolidation with technology innovation, which has, to a large degree, solved the crop-land    replenishment of the Province. In the next few years,the Group will implement 5 major land consolidation projects with the total land scale of 3.1 million Mu and a total investment of more than 71.3 billion CNY.


In 2015, the Group has achieved the output value of 5.3 billion CNY, revenue of 3 billion CNY and profit of 900 million CNY. The mission of the Group, in the future, includes 3 aspects:expanding land consolidation business, focusing land engineering research, optimizing social and economic benefits. The objective is to buildthe Groupto a large state-owned modern enterprise with diversified business,professional classification, standardized management and leapfrogging development.